The Reason Why China OEM Phones Becomes the Best Selling All over the World

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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With the development of the Chinese technology of mobile phones, and the cost advantages for the most important four parts of the mobile phones, LCD, TP, Camera and PCB meanwhile with the best quality and service. So Chinese mobile phones really offer excellent value for money, with configurations to rival flagship phones such as the other big brands smartphones and often at less than half the price. 

Why Chinese OEM mobile phone sells so great in domestic and overseas market, this essay will give some simple reasons for China OEM phones become the best selling.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Competitive specification
  • Dual-SIM, dual Standby
  • None of your friends will have the same phone

Excellent value for money

Just as what we have told at beginning of the essay, because of the cost advantages of the raw material for the mobile phone with high quality. With less money get high quality smartphone that’s what we mean excellent value for money means.

For example, M1 Plus uses an Octa-Core MediaTek MT6753 1.3GHz processor and the ARM Mali-T760 GPU. Although this chipset is superseded by MediaTek’s latest offerings like MT6795 (Helio X10) and MT6797 (Helio X20), it is still a top of the range processor and used widely in high-end smartphones. As for the display, this 5.5-inch SIM free mobile phone offers full HD screen resolution and the 1080p IPS display brings some great display quality to this best no-contract smartphone.

Both hardware and design make M1 Plus be the first and best quality mobile phone among the most SIM free mobile phones. But with this so high configuration the price is just under $200, can you believe this? So we can say M1 Plus must be an excellent value for money Chinese OEM mobile phone.  

Competitive specification

1. 4G

4G network is really a so common feature of Chinese OEM mobile phone, the most important reason is China has so wide 4G network coverage and with this technology development there will be the large market needs. So most of Chinese OEM mobile phone manufacturers will configure 4G feature even so low price mobile phone.

Such as M5 OEM mobile phone.  M5 is a 4G 4.5 inch dual SIM dual standby OEM mobile phone with MT6535 Quad Core 1.3GHz and Android 5.0 OS. But the price is under $100 per piece. It’s really so attractive and has cost advantage.

2. MediaTek processors

Just as what we have told in the first part excellent value of money, MediaTek is a so popular processors among the OEM cell phone market. Most of Chinese OEM mobile phones use MediaTek as the CPU with it’s stable behaves and best user experience.

3. Camera

Camera is a so important part when we consider buying a mobile phone, most of the mobile phone suppliers will focus on this when they promote and popularize their branded and flagship cell phone.

4. Memory

Memory will be specific to the RAM&ROM, it has a so important influence on the mobile phone working. But it’s also a very important part to combine the selling prices, you can notice if a mobile phone which has 2GB RAM, the price will be so different to 3GB RAM. This is the same to ROM.

Such as M1 and M1 Plus. M1 is a Lite version of the M1 Plus, M1 is equipped with 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, M1 Plus configures 3GB RAM+32GB ROM. Obviously, M1 will be cheaper than M1 Plus, even several parts of the design are same, such as phone size, both are 5.5 inch and metal frame

Dual-SIM, dual Standby

As we know from the mobile phone market and our OEM mobile phone experience, most Chinese OEM mobile phones all configure dual-SIM dual-standby function. We've found this to be a standard feature of Chinese phones at any price point. It’s so helpful and convenient to the customers’ usage.  

None of your friends will have the same phone

Of course we use the exaggerated way to describe this part, but we tell the truth as well. 

You will find the big brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, they just have the one build design and even there are no differences for the next generation cell phone. But if you use the Chinese OEM mobile phone in your country, your city and even your company, there will have little risk to hold the sample shape and design cell phone. Because the China OEM Mobile phone just joins a little percentage of the mobile phone market until now although with the high speed development in this area.

Of course, these four reasons can’t cover full range of the features and explain the reason why the Chinese OME mobile phones sell so well, besides these common features, the fingerprint, NFC, OTG, Metal frame or frameless build, big battery… will be a most important influence on the selling of the mobile phones.

This essay just gives some reasons, so if you have interesting in more information and suggestion just please leave your message as a comment below.

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