Top 6 Key Words of Smartphone Appearance and Design for Past 2015 Year

4 comments Tuesday, February 02, 2016

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In smartphone business of year 2015, if updating the mobile device line yearly, it was no longer able to address the market demands. Instead, product range change has been based on monthly round, due to new technology innovation and application. Followed by tides of disputes, it is actually those new technologies that have manipulated the consumers’ choices.

When the hardware units are becoming way too excessive for the general public, and it is realized that benchmark means nothing since every terminal is marking high, the smartphone market sha

Key Word NO. 1: Metal Frame an


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High End Smartphone Review: Elephone P9000 Edge Vs Elephone P9000

5 comments Tuesday, February 02, 2016

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The common impression of China smartphones in the public is that they are cheap, budget and low end smartphones, especially comparing with the top global smartphone OEMs like Samsung and Apple. However, as the smartphone industry developed and market need and mobile phone manufacturing improved a lot in past two or three years, more and more Chinese manufacturers rank top in World’s smartphone stage and start to offer solid quality and high end smartphones for users across the world, Huawei for example. Actually, besides the top local China smartphone OEMs, theElephone P9000 in


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India Smartphone Brand List: China Manufacturers vs Local India Makers

4 comments Monday, February 01, 2016

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Upated: To let you know more about the posibility to enter into India smartphone market and the competition of India mobile phone brands, we have analyzed the India smartphone market and mobile handsets usage and finally make an India mobile price list as selling and buying advice.

Presently, there is a large amount of Chinese smartphone manufactures like Xiaomi, Honor, Gionee, Meizu, Lenovo, Coolpad, One Plus and others entering into India market. Besides mobile phone brandable manufactures, mobile phone supply chain manufactures are also p

Walking on the street of New Delhi, I

It is w


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Ten Relabeled Chinese Mobiles You Failed to Be Familiar with!

4 comments Monday, February 01, 2016

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Though lots of Chinese suppliers are actually promoting independently produced handsets recently, a great number of tiny or top-ranking brands from China even now do the ODM or OEM orders. They take orders placed in (massive) bulk through a second, usually overseas maker, which makes it possible for the latter to trade products with their exclusive brand.

You'll find a great deal of marketers including those, Blu, Wiko, Micromax, and the list goes on and on. Even if this isn't what buyers of such devices would choose to accept, but frequently there's

Listed below are top Ten China's ga

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Cheap, Affordable and Low End Smartphones from China Makers for Global Distributors

Monday, February 01, 2016

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Chinese phones are famous for its cheap price around the world, no matter for individuals who buy cheap China smartphones personal use, or for global dealers who wholesale affordable smartphones from China makers. At first, the cheap price of Chinese phones is resulted from the low cost labors; now, China smartphones is still cheap for the improvement of mobile phone manufacturing technology and the effect of massive production. On the other hand, due to the imbalance of economical and regions development, different countries

When most developed countries have advanced telecom low e ag...

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How to Develop a Great Android Cell Phone ROM

4 comments Friday, January 29, 2016

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Down the page is far more a uncomplicated description regarding how to establish an Android operating system ROM. I will talk about a handful of parts that are unable to be missing if you'd like a totally functional Android mobile phone, from the software angle that is.

Here's a short synopsis :


A kernel is really a important piece of every Operating-system. It may be regarded as a form of connection among the apps and the real hardware of a mobile. Normally the computer file handling portion is done at components grade, additionally the ke

You will find several kinds of kernels, ho



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Buy America 4G LTE Networks Compatible Smartphones in Bulk at Lowest Price from China Suppliers

5 comments Thursday, January 28, 2016

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It is not easy for smartphone OEMs to enter Americas phone market, especially the US market, one of the reasons is that the competition of US smartphone market is really fierce, all international famous brands gather in this specific phone market; the other reason is that many smartphones do not support America 4G-LTE networks, in particular the 4G smartphones that use MediaTek chipsets, which most Chinese white label Android phone makers put to use for their 4G smartphones. However, as the mobile phone manufacturing technology develops and the phone mbuy 4G smartphones in bulk at l.


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Half a Dozens of Wonderful Things that You Can Easily Automate with NFC Function and Your Android Handset

4 comments Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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You understand NFC feature. It's that attribute on your cellphone which you persevere is actually interesting and sooner or later you may definitely discover a usage for it. All right, today is that day.

Many modern Google android smartphones one the market own an NFC feature antenna inbuilt (unlucky iPhone owners, unfortunately over again, Apple says no). Nevertheless, for many of the items we will be referring to right here, you will need some kind of NFC tag. You may buy them on the web for pretty low-priced. As an example, T

Activate Your PC When You're at your house

Awaiting your personal


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Top 5 Big Screen Smartphones with Metal Frame for International Buyers from China Phone Makers

1 comments Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Big screen smartphones or phablets are a growing trend. At first from two or three years ago, only few large screen smartphones appeared on the market from top phone makers like Samsung, and Apple insisted on one-hand-size smartphone for some time, but now, new iPhones are usually designed with a bigger screen. Not just the top and well-known smartphone makers over the world will manufacture big screen smartphones for customers, but also the China white label smartphone makers will. So, in the C

On the other hand, metal frame will be a mainstream trend for 2016 OEM smartphonestop 5 big scre.

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China Casts away 80 Mil Mobile Handsets and They aren't Being Re-cycled

4 comments Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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Chinese mobile customers get one of the greatest cellular phone turnover rates on the earth. Typically, a Chinese smartphone user throws away an unwanted mobile phone every single 8-12 months, but not any of the smartphones are being reprocessed, in line with a Chinese press report.

HONG KONG, November. 13th -- China's smartphone customers are getting rid of 80 million gadgets each year, and no gadgets are being reclaimed.

The mobile handsets on the other hand are being cast straight into the junk headed for a landfill, where they are really exacerbating the nati

In accordance with China

A lw...

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