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Display: 5.5" qHD
Network: 4G

1GB :

RAM shorts for Random-Access Memory, and it is the memory where software resides while it is running, along with the data it is using. Both OS and application software use RAM. RAM is a type of memory that is very fast, but is volatile, meaning all information is lost when electric power is removed. For this reason, it is useful only for temporary storage of data that requires fast access. A device will typically have RAM and some kind non-volatile memory to store a copy of all software and data that needs to be kept the device is powered off or that specific software is not running. Devices with more RAM can run more complex software and/or more applications at one time.

1GB of RAM is commony used for some low end smartphones.

Common RAM examples: 512M, 1GB, 2GB,3GB, 4GB.

5.5" qHD :

Display of a phone generally refers to the screen size and resolution, for example, 5.5" FHD, the 5.5 inch is the phone display size, and the FHD is full HD, which means a smartphone is with a 1920 x 1080 pixels. Mobile phone display is one of the most important part of OEM smartphones.


And below is the content of most common smartphone displays in many China Android smartphones.

Display Types

Screen Size

Screen Resolution (pixels)

2.45" 256K TFT

2.45 inch

432 x 240


4 inch

800 x 480

4.5" WVGA

4.5 inch

800 x 480

4.5" qHD

4.5 inch

960 x 540

5.0" qHD

5.0 inch

960 x 540

5.5" qHD

5.5 inch

960 x 540

5.0" HD

5.0 inch

1280 x 720

5.5" HD

5.5 inch

1280 x 720

5.5" FHD

5.5 inch

1920 x 1080

5.5" 2K Screen

5.5 inch

2560 x 1440

As the development of mobile phone manufacturing technique, display is related to many advanced smartphone screen technology as well. And you can see the Screen page for details. 

4G :

Best and top 4G smartphones online

On China OEM Phone online platform, customers can find the best and top smartphones that support most 4G networks used world-widely in North America and Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Oceania. And, besides the wide-range support of 4G networks, all these smartphones can meet different needs for different-levels of 4G smartphone markets, from low-end, to medium-range and high-end. Furthermore, most of 4G smartphones provide many top-notch features with latest mobile phone manufacturing and design technologies: 

  • Metal frame or metal body
  • Double-sided glass or Gorilla Glass 3
  • 2.5D Arc technique
  • Fingerprint
  • NFC (Near Field Communication)
  • USB Type-c
  • Wireless charging
  • OTG (on-the-go) technology

and more.

Buy unlocked 4G smartphones online at wholesale price from China factories

All the 4G smartphones on this China platform are available for OEM orders at wholesale price. Besides the cheap wholesale price, China 4G smartphone has another advantage: almost all 4G smartphones are unlocked and customers can buy directly from China OEM phone factories. That’s why so many distributors and wholesalers all over the world would prefer to wholesale smartphones from China mobile phone OEMs.