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CPU: MT6582
Display: 5.0" qHD

MT6582 :

MediaTek MT6582 SoC brings quad-core performance to mainstream 3G Android smartphones, without taking a toll on battery life. For 3G smartphones that uses MT6582, the display is HD (1280x720 pixels) at best and the camera supports 13 MP, so multimedia features include support for 720p HD displays. The MT6582 chipset features wide connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.

Specifications of MediaTek MT6582:

CPU  1.3GHZ quad-core (4x ARM Cortex-A7) processor
GPU  ARM Mali-400 MP2 GPU
Camera  Up to 13MP camera
Video  1080p Full HD video recording and playback at 30fps
Display  Up to HD (1080x720)
Networks  Multi-mode Release 8 HSPA+/TD-SCDMA
Wi-Fi  802.11x
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 4.0
Memory  LP-DDR2, LP-DDR3
Process Technology  28 nm

1GB :

RAM shorts for Random-Access Memory, and it is the memory where software resides while it is running, along with the data it is using. Both OS and application software use RAM. RAM is a type of memory that is very fast, but is volatile, meaning all information is lost when electric power is removed. For this reason, it is useful only for temporary storage of data that requires fast access. A device will typically have RAM and some kind non-volatile memory to store a copy of all software and data that needs to be kept the device is powered off or that specific software is not running. Devices with more RAM can run more complex software and/or more applications at one time.

1GB of RAM is commony used for some low end smartphones.

Common RAM examples: 512M, 1GB, 2GB,3GB, 4GB.