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CPU: SC7731
Network: 3G

SC7731 :

The MediaTek MT6795 (or called Helio X10) is a high-performance SoC, which consists of 64bit true octa cores ARM Cortex-A53 of 2.2GHz clock speed. Along with a PowerVR G6200 GPU, MT6795 chipset performs well in many aspects: supporting 2K resolution on handsets displays, a 20 megapixel camera sensor and Ultra HD video playback with 480fps. Complete specifications of MT6795 processor are listed below: 

CPU  1.3GHZ quad-core (4x ARM Cortex-A7) processor
GPU  ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU
Camera  Up to 8MP camera
Video  1080p HD video recording and playback at 30fps
Display  Up to HD resolution (1920x1080)
Wi-Fi  802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth  Bluetooth 4.0
Memory  LP DDR2, LP DDR3
Process Technology  28 nm HPM

3G :

Latest 3G Android Smartphones

All the 3G smartphones on this China OEM phone platform are selective with latest Android OS versions and mobile phone techniques. Each smartphone has its own unique character: metal frame, metal button, Gorilla Glass, leather back cover, small size, rotated camera. All the hand-picked 3G smartphones are in different sizes: from as small as 2.45 inch for mini phone, to common 5 inch or 5.5 inch.

Wholesale 3G WCDMA Mobile Phones with Cheap Price Directly from China Manufacturers

All these 3G smartphones are available for wholesale with very cheap price directly from China OEM phone manufacturers or factories. Basically, every 3G smartphone work with common WCDMA networks Band 1/8 of 2100/900 MHz frequencies, and some supports more, band 2/ 5 (1900/850 MHz).

WCDMA (3G) Frequencies used in Different Countries

WCDMA (UMTS) Networks



Main Countries


2100/900 MHz

Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, etc.


2100/1900/1700/850 MHz

US, Canada, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay, Honduras, etc.


2100/900/850/1700/1500/800 MHz Note: 1700/1500/800 MHz only used in Japan

China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.


2100/900 MHz

UK (United Kingdom), Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, etc.

Middle East

2100/900/850 MHz

Turkey, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, etc.


2100/900/850 MHz

Australia, New Zealand, etc